6'1'' x 18''1/8 x 2''1/4
198cm x 46.0cm x 5.7cm

bottom : single->deepdoubleconcave

 Congratulation HIDE ! The victory was won in the final game (KUSTOM Present flow pro junior), and it was decided that it would be Japanese representation of ASP pro junior world convention held by north nalabeen of Australia from January 1, 2006.
Flutter in the world!! It is a board when winning the victory in KUSTOM presents sunny place flow pro junior.

 It is the pro model which stance is set behind and gave original Tuning of HIDE for each strong point of tail width, thickness, concave+, and rail edge.

 The whole of this board consists of a material of the world maximum lightweight class, and riping and aerial have got good evaluation very much further rather than the normal pro board.