180.3cm x 54cmx6.6cm
Fin:two on
Targets are all the waves of a beach break.
The feeling which runs through a face by matching of a down rail, BIGFISH, and TWOFIN、 seems to be a short board.
'70 feeling and the aggressive feeling of riding have why or a new feeling

little larger balsa wood FIN is set from the tail .
FIN is ROCKY hand shaped, it is finely tuned for every board and is carried by the arrangement of perfect.

A lower photograph is an expansion of the bottom side of a board. A visionary resin art

180.3cm x 54cmx6.6cm
Fin:twin on
And the composition of the rail edge from which is connected with a down rail from a round and it escapes to a tail directs the riding with fast & slow .

Tail area which repeated research.
Balance of FIN position, edge, a locker, and thickness. . . . . . . hard & mellow riding can be enjoyed and obtained.
Since this board is rolled in the resin color (Pigment), deep treqouiz blue is creating a maniac atmosphere.

M.M Model
6'9'' X 20''1/2 X 2''9/16
205.7cm x 52.0cm x 6.7cm
Bottom :noseconcave->secret->roundvee
It is the board new type which poured the newest hydrodynamics into the concept of the long board of 9FEETs which pressed down the locker. Carrying out a takeoff, 即 and the touch which carries out the HUNG 5 one step step back, cuts back and accelerates steadily the face which was able to be dug are new fields. They are the secret arms which can ride earnestly to the wave which was able to be dug from soft small wave.  CHEK IT!

They are the balance of a locker and thickness, and the newest design which repeated research so that the form of a rail accomplished one, "the feeling of a rail and the feeling of glide, "the feeling which carries out surfing and shines", might be easy to travel to a rider and it might become him. It can carry out skilled [ of the feeling of fullness of surfing ].!!

162.5cm x 49.0cm x 6.2cm
Fin:centerBOX, sideFCS
For 1inch to 4feet
It's fun to 1feet and possible to AIR
Fast take off , stable and speedy
This is future line

180.3cm x 54cmx 7.0cm
Fin:twin on
For   1inch to 4feet
Twin fin and fish tail fuse to ride on freedom
I think good for lady's too

You can catch many waves
That is really FUN !!