GROM Single
162.5cm x 45cmx5.5cm
Fin:single Box
A rider is the first grader (lady) in an elementary school, the height of 115cm, and the weight of 22kg.
This board is the the best for mastering paddling, a takeoff, and the foundations of a turn.
The outline of this board has good start and he promises the stable takeoff. KEEP SURF ! !

7' of a safety fin is set.
It is very safe although bent with one finger also with the photograph.
Even if it sees from an adult in fact, it is worrisome with this fin. . . . . .

162.5cm x 45cmx5.5cm
Fin:FCS tri
A rider is the second grader (boy) in an elementary school, the height of 127cm, and the weight of 32kg.
This board assumes the level which can carry out a takeoff alone.
It is smooth to put in a rail and to run a face horizontally, and the outline and thickness of tail area make a bottom turn easy.
It is a step-up board. Do it ! !

This board loses the portion which sharpened also with noze and the tail, sets a safety fin, and has paid attention to safety. The yellow portion is rubber and is safe.